How to Sell Unique Architecture

Passion for Real Estate and Passion for Unique Homes.

If you own a Unique Home your value most likely will be higher than of your neighbors with the same sqft and similar attributes, especially if your architect was someone well known.

Real Estate pricing can be tricky. You both leave money on the table and sell under where it should sell; or you could over price it for the market, sit there and having to have to reduce the price eventually.

The later version could be devastating in a weakening market.

If you are at the end of a long Sellers’ Market and you see more inventory coming on, more price reductions and more escrows are falling out…. Look out and be smart about pricing your home.

I have been privileged to have worked with many people who had very special Architectural Homes to sell. We have very successfully sold those home for absolutely prime prices. I know the value in those homes and I am not just speaking of pricing value, but value of the architecture itself and the intent of the architect.  Highlighting the very special unique feature, has helped me connect these homes with just the right Buyers.

If you own one of these treasures please feel free to pick my brain about what I think of your value. This is what I love in my business. I bring these homes to life… paint a story of what I see in the home and pass it onto potential Buyers. That is what has helped in selling those home for top dollars.  

Take a look at this beauty I just recently SOLD in the Walnut Acres are of Woodland Hills. Hope you like it. This video was created because due to COVID, we still had limited showings and this way many peeple could take a leasurely virtual tour of the home. Happy to share with you how I did it.

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